About the Magician

Sim Sala Bim! I'm Jacob Hagen, or Jake if you prefer.

On a bike ride in Den Haag, Holland with the 2012 De Program crew.

I am a small town Iowan with a desire to explore and learn. I am a creator, a curator, a collaborator, and a magician—of sorts. Abracadabra, like design, takes practice. Becoming adept at thinking critically, researching thoroughly, communicating effectively, and visualizing solutions takes years of practice—there are no magic wands or shortcuts. My skills have been curated and developed from my experiences at the College for Creative Studies as well as abroad in the Netherlands. When it comes to design I enjoy a bit of everything: interactive, print, motion, interface, and a recently found love for type design.

You might find me preparing for my next big ‘magic act’, experimenting with my cooking skills, or exploring a new city via bicycle. I have found that I adapt exceptionally well to new situations, making it easy for me to tackle anything I set my mind to. I consider myself to be meticulous with my work, which has resulted from my keen eye for detail growing up. Design has enabled me to help create a better world for others, and as a result, has pushed me to learn and grow in ways I would not have imagined.

Please check out my portfolio, read my résumé, and consider giving me an opportunity to show you what a little Abracadabra can do.

Currently situated in Eindhoven, Netherlands until the end of September 2013 while I intern at Edhv. I am available for Skype interviews.

Contact me at: jacobjhagen@gmail.com